Designed and built in the 1970s by the Eastlake acoustic engineering studio, the suite spans over 150 m2 including the recording studio and the control room. It also offers exceptional soundproofing and acoustic conditioning.

The Eastlake Suite features 3 distinct spaces that may be used simultaneously and are completely isolated from each other: a vocal-instrumental area; an isolation booth, and a live room.

Given its special aesthetics and size, the suite may be also be used as a sound stage or as a set for film, TV, or photography projects.

Sala Eastlake - DRAX audio
  • Recording records in “recording” or “full take” mode.
  • Recording and mixing soundtracks.
  • Recording and mixing ADR – Dubs.
  • Recording, editing, and mixing Foley’s. 
  • Sound stage with an authentic studio aesthetic for music videos/interviews and screen tests.
  • Live concerts with possible live streaming.
  • Radio programs and interviews.
  • Rehearsal room with simultaneous monitoring and recording of real audio.
  • Setting for promotional events and company/product presentations.
  • Equipped with “floor-stages” and a full prop kit (car doors, kitchen utensils, swords and armor, pool…) for use in Foley recording for film and television.
  • Large enough to accommodate orchestral and choral recording sessions.
  • Control room equipped with Protools HD and PMC twotwo 6 Monitor.
  • 52” 3D plasma video monitor, 3D 2K graphics card, and HDMI distribution in the control room.
  • Full HD video projection on a 12m2 screen and 52” auxiliary plasma monitor.
  • 50 tie lines, high-end microphones, and excellent outboard gear.
  • Kawai piano and Sonor drum set with Zildjian cymbals.

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